We are launching a Collectors Club to reward customers who regularly buy from us. The rewards will take the form of discounts which can be applied when buying from our website (using a discount code), or from buying at an event that we are attending, eg.Harrogate Flower Show. The discount on purchases will be 20% off the marked prices (except where a special offer or sale price is already in place). The discount will be given immediately and is not subject to any minimum spend amount. There are some other benefits from being a member of the Collectors Club, such as free or discounted entry into some events, and free onward postage to a chosen address whilst at a event, saving you the hassle of carrying around heavy purchases.
There is an annual fee for membership which is £50, which covers all administration costs.
Membership Benefits:
● 20% discount on purchases
● Priority processing of website orders
● Free or reduced price for entry to certain events
● Free onward delivery costs from an external event
● Early notification of new products with the chance to be the first to buy
● Regular electronic Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date.

Yes, I would like to join the club, please complete the form below and then click on the 'Join the Club' button. You will be taken to a page where you can add the membership fee to your shopping basket. Your membership card will be posted to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I join can I get the member discount on my current order?

Ans: Not on the items currently in your shopping basket, however you can remove these items from your basket and checkout with just the Collectors Club item. Once you have paid, we will email you your discount code and then you can go ahead and checkout your other items and use the discount code to get your discount.

2. How long will it take to get my membership card and discount code?

Ans: Once we have processed your application we will send your membership card out by post. We will send your discount code by email, and will endeavor to get it to you within 24 hours.

3. Do I have to have a discount code to get my discount at a show?

Ans: No. The discount code is only used for website purchases. To get a discount at a show just produce your membership card and you will get an immediate discount.

4. What happens if I lose my membership card?

Ans: You must inform us immediately and we will organise a replacement. Loss of your card does not affect use of your online discount code.

5. Does the membership fee include VAT?

Ans: Yes it does at the standard 20% rate.

6. How quickly will my website order arrive, given it has priority as a Collectors Club member?

Ans: Collectors Club member orders go to the front of the queue, however they can only be processed immediately if we have the item in stock. Should the item be out of stock then it can still take 3-4 weeks to make and finish the item ready for shipping. If the item is in stock then it will be shipped within a few days.

7. Can I join the Collectors Club if I live in Europe?

Ans: No. The club is only open to customers living in the UK.

8. What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

Ans: Just contact us and let us know. there are no refunds for  cancelled membership.

9. When does my membership expire?

Ans: Your membership lasts for a year, the expiry date is  the last day of the month shown on your card. You need to renew your membership every year to  still get the benefits.

10. How often will we be notified about new products and how can we order them?

Ans: We bring out several new products every year, including re-modelling of popular items. We will email you when new products are available and how they can be ordered, but it is impossible to say when that will be.

11. What happens if I buy an item at a show and leave it with you for onward delivery?

Ans: We will carefully pack the item when we return to the studio and ship it out to the address given. We will email the tracking details to you so you know  when delivery can be expected. Should the item arrive damaged, you must take photos of the damage and contact us immediately for a replacement at our expense.

12. Will I still get my club discount if I commission a work of my pet?

Ans: No. The discount applies only to stock items

13. How often will I receive a Newsletter about the club?

Ans: Currently we aim to send you a newsletter every six months, but if we have more to tell you then it could be more frequently!

14. Can you give me some examples of how the discount works?

Ans: Yes. Say for example you purchase a standing Thrush from the website. Current price is £120. During checkout you enter your discount code which reduces the total by 20% to £96 saving you £24. 

Another example: say you bought a sleeping cat, current price £330. During checkout enter your code and get a £66 reduction.

Another example: At a show you decide to buy a summer hare which is priced at £320. You show your discount card and we will reduce the price by £64 and you pay £256.

Terms and Conditions
1.    The Collectors Club is only open to ordinary members of the UK public, employees of shops, galleries or other outlets           that carry our product range are excluded.
2.    Karen Fawcett Studios reserves the right to refuse a membership application.
3.    Discounts are applied to product prices after VAT has been added, where applicable.
4.    Discounts may not apply to already discounted or sale items.
5.    No refund will be given on the membership fee should you decide to leave the Collectors Club.
6.    Membership fees are payable every year, on the anniversary of joining the club.
7.    A membership card will be issued to every member, this must be presented when asking for discount.
8.    Your membership card cannot be used by another person.
9.    We offer no guarantee of delivery times, but will do our best to accommodate your requirements.
10.  Website purchases are also bound by the website terms and conditions.
11.  All purchases carry our normal guarantees, and should you change your mind a refund or replacement will be
       offered, up to the value of the purchase.

12.  Club benefits can be changed at any time.

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