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Scientific name: Eremophila alpestris


Environment located in: They like to feed along the strandline or in dunes but sometimes also venture into nearby fields


sculpture scale: 1:1


sculpture size:TBC


Suitable for outdoor display: Yes


materials used: High fired ceramics and matt glazes





A distinctive lark with yellow and black face markings and black 'horns' (feather tufts) in breeding plumage. They are almost exclusively coastal birds. Numbers vary greatly from one winter to the next. In a good year, a few hundred may be present, but in others they can be very scarce. Watch for them shuffling their way across shingle and sandy beaches.

Shore Lark

  • Variation you will never find two that are the same, All our sculptures are unique with slight variations in shape and colouring resulting in a truly stunning piece that is as individual as the client who orders it is to us.

    This also extends (if chosen) to the wooden basses, they sit upon we only use reclaimed or naturally scored drift wood and each piece is chosen to match the character of the sculpture that has been ordered.

    Bespoke projects and commissions we can undertake any sculpture that is not listed in our catalogue.

    You can immortalise a favourite pet in clay, we can work from photos and supplied dimensions to get a realistic likeness. or if you require an animal in a specific pose/posture we can also accommodate your request

    Natural Base materials some of our sculptures use natural materials for their bases such as hard woods or natural slate.

    So with this in mind please understand there could be some variation as we cannot always source the same materials we do however make sure that every sculpture represents the same quality and finish as those pictured and matches it as closely as possible.


    This dose however means that every sculpture is totally unique.

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