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Acanthus wallpaper 1875.jpg
Tawny owl nice base 3.jpg


one-off named sculpture by Karen Fawcett Studios

Art work name : Wise Old Owl

The first of a new Series of Artworks based upon themes in literature both old and new, we were inspired by the classic short poem 'A Wise Old Owl' that was first recorded as far back as 1875 and could well have existed via oral traditions long before that.

A wise old owl lived in an oak

The more he saw the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard.

Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?


A very fitting poem for a ceramic sculpture this that will quietly sitting your home hopefully giving joy and inspiration to its owners for years to come.

Scientific name: Strix aluco

Environment located in:  primarily broad-leaved and mixed woodland

sculpture scale: 1:1

sculpture size: TBC

materials used: High fired ceramics and matt glazes

with english white oak and welsh slate base

suitable for out door display: No

Price: £430

Acanthus wallpaper 1875.jpg
Tawny owl nice base 1.jpg
Acanthus wallpaper 1875.jpg
Tawny owl nice base 2.jpg

Variation you will never find two that are the same, All our sculptures are unique with slight variations in shape and colouring resulting in a truly stunning piece that is as individual as the client who orders it is to us.

This also extends  (if chosen) to the wooden bases they sit upon. We only use reclaimed or naturally sourced driftwood, and each piece is chosen to match the character of the sculpture that has been commissioned.

Bespoke projects and commissions: We can mostly undertake any sculpture that is not listed in our catalogue.

You can immortalise a favourite pet in clay, we can work from photos to get a realistic likeness.

Natural Base materials: Some of our sculptures use natural materials for their bases such as hard woods or natural slate.

So with this in mind, please understand there could be some variation as we cannot always source the same materials. We do however, make sure that every sculpture represents the same quality and finish as those pictured, and matches it as closely as possible.

This does however mean that every sculpture is totally unique .

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